Good news for all fans of ACID KING; the Japanese label Leaf Hound Records release this compilation, which includes all the early out-of-print recordings of the band, what means that you don't have to search anymore for this rare items. This compilation contains the 'Zoroaster' MCD and the Mans Ruin's 10" and so on. Once again it's interesting to hear the band's development from an average 70's-influenced Rock band to one of the heaviest Heavy Rock bands on this earth. Their slow rock was always extreme viscous, and more doom-drenched than other Heavy Rock bands, while the female vocals still belong to the group's trademark.

When you're in the right mood for ACID KING, their music can have a trance-like effect on the listener, because it's like a sonic massage for your brain cells. People, who hate this band will say, that this is pure boredom, while fans enjoy the band's ultra-stoned sound. For me it's something in between and I admit, that ACID KING have created their very own sound over the years and that they started to play this kind of music, when it wasn't an underground fashion. They are heavy without being brutal, but they definitely brute. Overall, this is a very nice compilation, but only recommandable to those people, who are still searching for the early stuff.