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Four new tracks from ACID KING and the first songs with Guy Pinhas ( bass, ex-THE OBSESSED / GOATSNAKE) in the line-up. The band presents four songs, that are in the typical ACID KING style. Heavy, fuzzy and mostly slow and mid-tempo themes. Sometimes they sound like ELECTRIC WIZARD, but with more catchy melodies. They have also this lost feeling and this dark psychedelic atmosphere in their music. Songs like "Free" are very impressive and for me here are some of ACID KING`s best tracks. They still have a big VITUS influence in some of the guitarsoli. "Four Minutes" is over 8 min. long and it´s the slowest track, very hypnotic and comparable to the "Busse Woods" CD. CLEARLIGHT are fronted by Wino and his vocals are making both songs to something special.

He fits perfect into the 70´s inspired organ-based progressive Heavyrock of CLEARLIGHT. First track is "Buzzard Hill" and it´s a great and groovin´ Heavyrock song, filled with Wino´s lyrics. It´s just a killer! The last song is "Veiled" and it´s nearly 12 min. long and mostly instrumental. Wino plays also E-Bow and this song has a jamming character, filled with nice surprises and dynamic breaks. My personal faves are the two CLEARLIGHT songs, but the four ACID KING tracks are also interesting enough for making this CD to a must-have, especially for all Wino fans. The label is MAN`S RUIN. My last advice for you is to check out CLEARLIGHT´s debut on TEE PEE Rec. What a refreshing album!