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After the "Snake Love" CD on RAGE OF ACHILLES REC this is the first full-length release from ABDULLAH and it's a very strong and powerful album, that stands in the good old Doom vein.ABDULLAH are drummer and singer Jeff Shirilla and guitarist Alan Seibert, but they have used two different bass-player for the recording sessions.So you can hear eleven songs that are filled with a melancholic and spiritual vibe. Some of the highlights are "Visions of the Daughters of Time", "The Black Ones" ( a real Doomtrack ), "The Path to Enlightenment" or "Lucifer in Starlight" ( a wonderful sad song ), but it´s not easy to pick out single songs, because it's like a conceptional album and the band has its managed to create their own sound.

The vocals from Jeff Shirilla are still one of the trademarks of ABDULLAH. He has a clear, emotional and powerful style and his voice gives the music a lot of intensity. Guitarist Alan Seibert plays a lot of real heavy SABBATH-influenced riffs and the few soli he plays enriches the atmospheric songs. I think that people who dig about Epic-Doom bands like SOLSTICE or REVELATION will also like ABDULLAH, but they have their own way to write and create sensual melodies and strong grooves. So, together with the great coverartwork from Greg Shirillia it's a highly recommandable album, which is a must-have for every Doomster. For more information visit the ABDULLAH website and order this from PEOPLE LIKE YOU or METEORCITY