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ABDULLAH (Graveyard Poetry) LP/CD

It seems that 2002 is a really good year for new inspiring releases. Here's the next example.With the second album ABDULLAH has turned away a bit from their epic and serious style and they have integrated more elements from great bands as Diamond Head, Brocas Helm, Holocaust or Tank f.e.  And the result simply kills! The band has been working their asses off for "Graveyard Poetry" so you can listen to 14 songs, full of passion and energy with sensual melodies and forceful riffing. I really like the production, that is still very transparent but not as clean as on the forerunner. The opener "Black Helicopter" is the perfect example. A hard-driving mid tempo doom rocker, that reminds me to the best moments of Trouble or Las Cruces.

"They, the Tyrants" is ABDULLAH's "Hallows Victim". Especially the newer refreshing uptempo songs as "Deprogrammed" or "Guided by the Spirit" are belonging to my personal faves.These tracks will force you to bang your head."Beyond the Mountain" or "Salamander" f.e.could have been also on the first album. And they really fit to to the more epic styled tracks.Jeff Shirillia's vocals are still charasmatic as on the first album and I hope, that the new line-up will last for a longer time and maybe someday ABDULLAH will present us their strong and powerful songs here in Germany. This is an absolut fascinating and entertaining album with a lot of different moods and I give you the advice to get a hold of it. It's been worth every penny, so don't hesitate. It has been released on Meteor City / People Like You Records and go to the ABDULLAH site for their latest activities.