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A5TRO5ONIQ (Son Of A.P. Lady) CD

This is no easy review for me, because on one side I'm very impressed from this very very low and dirty sound from this Dutch band, but on the other side I've got my problems with some vocal-parts and songs, especially when they sound like the SMASHING PUMPKINS, but that's my personal opinion.They use a lot of keyboards in their songs, but more in a effective Space Rock way. Nice samples within some tracks and between them are a nice idea and the band had proved its good taste and humour with the themes of the samples between the songs. All tracks are very different.That makes this album to an entertaining one but I miss something like an identity.

There are influences that ranges from MOTÖRHEAD, WHITE ZOMBIE, BLACK SABBATH to HAWKWIND or 35007. A devastating track is "Egobooster"...oh it's sooo heavy and cool with a nice change within the song where the band starts with a fine, groovy psychedelic part. One of the highlights is the "Earthquake", a coverversion from the Funk legend SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE and now something goes through my mind while listening to "Son Of A.P. Lady"...it's like travelling through the last 30 years of Rock. The album ends with the longest track "You Lose" ( 13:07 ) . It's the doomiest song with some spacey parts and one of my four favourite tracks from all eight ones. The album comes in an unremarkable cover and at least I must say, that you should decide for yourself. It's no boring album and it's good to see that in Europe are a lot of new heavy acts are well alive. The label is FREEBIRD RECORDS and for more informations visit the A5TRO5ONIQ website.