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A HORSE CALLED WAR (Stumble At Every Hurdle) MCD

Meanwhile Calculon Records have established themselves as one of the most important sludge labels worldwide. They focus their attention only on the heaviest and most promising bands and once again they've been successful in releasing the crushing debut from A HORSE CALLED WAR. 'Stumble At Every Hurdle' constantly drags the listener into an atmosphere of sheer misery and manages to take your breath away. The band comes up with all the stuff, that I missed so much for a long time in a genre that sometimes becoming boring and lifeless, but this UK-based band has more to offer than just the usual load of downtuned guitarsound. They have a distorted, massive sludgy wall of guitars, reinforced by a heavy pounding rhythm section and a vocalist, which is sounding extremely psychotic and tortured so that his painful vocals fit perfectly to a powerful and energetic band like A HORSE CALLED WAR. All included five tracks tracks alter in mood and texture, but never expect any kind of smoothness here. The few integrated grooves are brutal and overwhelming, while the slow parts are based on monolithic Black Sabbath-riffs. This is a full-on, anger-drenched overdose for your senses true to the masters of the genre as for example EyeHateGod. 'Stumble At Every Hurdle' is a brute feast for every fan of superheavy sludge, and this disc also includes a very nice video for the killer-track 'Ruined Everything'.