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Although the backcover says "4 Way Doom Death Sludge Core Split 12 Inch LP", I'd say, that it's actually none of the above, as neither any featured band sounds like the typical Death Doom outfit, nor does it bear too many similarities to acts like EYEHATEGOD or GRIEF (R.I.P.). Nevertheless, there's some extreme doomy shit going on here, only to keen on desecrating your harmless mind. Opening the LP, are Belgian THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN, who do their very own rendition of WINTER's all-time-classic "Eternal Frost", which they managed to do even slower than the original. Although -of course- not beating WINTER themselves, TPOG did a convincing job, especially when keeping in mind, that doing justice to a cult band's song ain't the easiest thing to achieve. Next up are American sickos SLOTH, who are featured thrice over the album, contributing two "regular" songs and one very awkward tune called "Your Band Plays Benefit Shows", which has -as the title already suggests- quite funny lyrics concerning socalled "Life Metal" bands, such as the mentioned CREED (though not being actually Metal...) and the xtian STRYPER lads (Does anyone remember?).

The other two songs are definitely on the more fucked up side of things, soundwise even reminding me of the harsher Black Metal bands coming from France like e.g. TORGEIST. The overall sinister and twisted riffs are graced by insane screaming vocals, as well as a punctually used disharmonic organ, giving it an even sicker approach. Thumbs up, and definitely my faves on this record!! Last band on Side A are WUZOR, also deriving from the US. They do quite well with their song "Beneath An Angry Sky/Fall Into The Sky", though compared to the other acts seem to be the most "ordinary" sounding band, reminding me of a lighter version of a Sludge outfit. Nevertheless, there's surely a lot of potential lurking around the dark corner. Fourth appearance on the album is reserved for Finnish D O M, which features two members of fellow countrymen FLESHPRESS. Really slow and ambient-like Doom crawls out of your speakers, and the scarce, distant sounding vox make the whole experience even more disturbing. They did a killer job with their funeral anthem "Hypnos", and I'm looking forward to hearing more from them through KULT OF NIHILOW's tape series. All in all a great possibility to check out four great, convincing bands on one album, which proves, that not all hope is lost within a genre, seemingly consisting mainly of CANDLEMASS copy-cats or retro hippie jerks. KEEP UP THE MALICIOUSNESS!!! For contact and info mail to PAINIAC Records, THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN, SLOTH, WUZOR and D O M