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100GRIT (s/t) MCD

This band were formely known as DOUBLE WIDE (review above) and here is their latest 4-track demo. The first song is a fine groovy and dirty garage rocker with harmonica and cool and relaxed vocals, but with a influence from bands like MINUTEMEN of FIREHOSE. It's some kind of funky and jazzy in some parts. The second track "Mostly Engine" is a nervous and distorted Blues-driven thing, with this typical sick atmosphere like on the first and good demo. The heaviest song "Least Likely " is full of different elements and 100GRIT create a unique musical style out of it, which is again not easy to describe.

"Headwings" reminds me a little bit to the BEASTIE BOYS like in the "Sabotage" period, but 100GRIT are more out of space and there's a spoken word part inside the song, that is underlined with some percussion. Like I wrote in the DOUBLE WIDE review, it's not easy to describe their music but you should give them a try. This MCD won't get boring, because the band plays "StyleFree" but the song structures aren't to free. You can buy it from: