Out of the ashes of the forerunner BICKKIES, mainman Kazuo Takeda(g) formed at the end of the 60's BLUES CREATION, together with Fumio Nunoya(vo), Takayuki Noji (b) and Shinichi Tashiro (ds). In 1969 they released the debut album "Blues Creation", which contains coverversions of CREAM, YARDBIRDS, etc. At that time, almost all members were still High School students.

After a big chance in the line-up, Kazuo founded new members in Hiromi Osawa(vo), Masashi Saeki(b) and Akiyoshi Higuchi(ds). With the new members their sound also changed from the early days and in 1971 BLUES CREATION released their masterpiece "Demon & Eleven Children". At almost the same time, the band recorded another album with female singer Carmen Maki, which become famous 'cause of this album, titled "Carmen Maki & Blues Creation".

After these releases BLUES CREATION were popular and they hold status as a new Japanese Rock act. But in 1972 they split up and the members were going into different directions. Founder Kazuo Takeda formed a new band,called CREATION,which became successful in Japan as a Hardrock band.


"BLUES CREATION" released in 1969
"DEMON&ELEVEN CHILDREN" released in 1971 (Denon Rec.)
"LIVE!"( at the Japan Folk jamboree in 1971) released in 1998

BLUES CREATION (Demon & Eleven Children) LP

This masterpiece was released in 1971 on Denon Records and it was their second album. BLUES CREATION turned more into a heavier direction and they show their abilities in eight tracks. There are some progressive elements within the songs but most of the tracks are filled with the heavy riffs of Kazuo Takeda, who plays a killer lead guitar. The songs are very varied and there are also some softer moments, that makes this record very enjoyable. A very good and powerful production underlines the music and the band played on a high standard. The whole album sounds very fresh and, maybe if they weren't from Japan, this band had deserved a bigger audience.

I would compare BLUES CREATION in some moments with T2, BLACK SABBATH, LEAFHOUND or maybe CACTUS. Like the name said, their music is Blues-based, and the clear vocals of Fumio Nunoya sounds very "kindley" and unique,but in some moments to weak.All in all, it´s a good advice to look out for this album, if you like Heavy-Psych-Blues Rock. The original album is hard to find (a collectors item!) and very expensive but it´s possible to get a LP or CD reissue at: Oracle Records, Widdersche Str. 278, 47 804 Krefeld, GERMANY.