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This is the debut cd from 1997 on GYOKUMON Rec. and it's a fine mixture between FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND, NINGEN-ISU and Doom-acts like SAINT VITUS and early CATHEDRAL. At this time the band were a three-piece and they sing in Japanese. The native vocals are making them more unique and it gives the songs an own identity.Most of the seven tracks are over six minutes and the opener starts with 12:19 minutes. Especially this song reminds me a lot to FLOWER TRAVELLIN BAND, it's just darker and heavier with rougher vocals. Female background vocals in the second track and a unique psychedelic vibe lays over the whole album and a very interesting rhytmn patterns. I only have some problems with the songwriting.

The structures are simple and very minimalistic and there aren´t much changes within most tracks. I would describe it as a Punk, in some kind of way. But like I said before, there are some nice ideas on "On" like different vocals or this typical eastern influence. The seventh and last track is a good example for it. It's a short instrumental track, played on traditional Japanese instruments."On" comes in an excellent cover and the booklet includes all lyrics (in japanese!). This album is a promising debut with a very own ambience and this band goes their own way, so let´s see what happened on the second album "Trance!!".


SOLAR ANUS ( Trance !! ) CD

The second album was released two years later, again on the same label. The music has changed more into a Heavy-psych direction with curious female vocal parts, like in the first song. SOLAR ANUS have progressed a lot since the debut. The guitarwork is stronger and the songs are better arranged. The CATHEDRAL- influence is still there, but SOLAR ANUS are more psychedelic and trippy. Some of the tracks are like small musical journeys with very interesting parts, like the third one. Unique female vocals and something like a 60´s Surf guitar-sound mixed with heavy riffs are making this track to a real listening pleasure. The fourth track (all song-titles are in native language) sounds like a lost song from the very early CATHEDRAL period.

Very slow and dark with shrieks from a tortured woman. The whole album ends with the longest track ( 16:10 min.). This song is like a mixture between early HAWKWIND and AMON DÜÜL II. Very spaced-out with hypnotic rhythm parts. With this album SOLAR ANUS proved, that they aren´t a typical Doom band...they have turned into a heavy trip band. So, check out this original and very recommandable album.

SOLAR ANUS ( Next World News ) CD

This is the latest release from 2000 and a lot has changed since "Trance!!". This album has nothing more in common with Doom or Heavy Rock. Like mainman Tenkotu Kawaho said: " ...SOLAR ANUS is almost becoming a complete-trip-band from repeated "psychedelic trip" experience.... " I can only agree to him, because all eight songs are mostly instrumental and filled with very hypnotic beats. The fourth song reminds me a lot to CAN and OZRIC TENTACLES is another band I like to mention. SOLAR ANUS are still very close to HAWKWIND, but they still have their own special sound.

The whole album is like a psychedelic trip, it sounds very spontaneous. Some bizarre electronic sounds enriches this minimalistic music and there´s still this typical Japanese touch. It´s to hard to describe "Next World News" with words because it´s like a whole concept, where you can´t pick out single tracks.This album is recommandable for listeneres who are open-minded enough to get in touch with the world of SOLAR ANUS. For people, who are more into Doomrock it´s better to check out the two first cd´s. But Tenkotu Kawaho said, that the next album goes more in a Doom direction so let´s see what´s coming next...

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