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A new release in 2001 from the Tokyo based label GYOKUMUN. I've never heard before from this Japanese band so I was excited, when I put this disc in my player. But after half of this album, I've got the impression, as if four guys want to sound like a Japanese version of early MONSTER MAGNET. The guitar sound is nearly the same and the vocals are too weak. Nothing against this idea but there's a lack of passion or energy in the singing of guitarist Takashi Fujita and his vocals aren't rough enough for this kind of music. Another band that is comparable with L.S.D. are early THEE HYPNOTICS. There are eight songs on this album and a short psychedelic intro. I've mentioned MM above and, of course, you find here a nice cover version of "Long Hair" from the "Tab" ep. The last track "Nehang" is the longest track with 28:22 min. It starts very promising with a hypnotic beat and Dub-like bassline.

After nine minutes the song turns into a total different direction with an electronic trance beat and some keyboard sounds. Then this part fades out and this trip becomes a mystical ethno experience in the middle of and it sounds like an oriental soundscape. This musical journey closes with the beginning theme and for me, it's the most impressive song on this debut. In one song L.S.D. uses a theramine and sitar, but that doesn't make their music really interesting, except the last surprising track. Another thing is the production, that could be a little bit stronger. I'm sorry, but with another vocals and some steps out of the shadow of the Bullgod this band could reach more attention in the Heavy-Psych music scene, because this guys have talent for more and they are open-minded enough for musical experiments. You can get more informations on the band's website at http://lsd.pos.to or visit the label SBG GYOKUMON at www.gyoku.com