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Interview May 2000 - K.N.S.K.

K.N.S.K. is one of the newer talented Japanese Doom / Sludge bands. The line-up is: Ken-ichi Chiba / Bass & Voc; Keiji Enomoto/Drums; Noriaki Hamaura / Guitar & Screaming. The following interview is from May 2000. The question were answered by Noriaki Hamaura.


Hello to everyone of K.N.S.K. I think, not much people know the band. Please, give us an insight in the history of K.N.S.K. Who is in the line-up. when did you formed the band, and what was the reason?

Hi Klaus and Germany!! Ok, we were high school old friends. One day, I went to the bar with drummer Keiji, and talked about Black Sabbath and heavy music. And we wanted to play heavy music. After this, we started this band. We couldn't look for a bassist at this time, and so we invited Ken-ichi to join. This three persons are the current line-up. The reason? 'Cause we just like Black Sabbath. But we listen to anything.

What have you released since the beginning? I only know three songs from your website, that are very good. It's heavy and a bit weird.

Oh, thanks. We just released only our 1st demo tape. But we will release the second demo in June or July.

How would you describe K.N.S.K.? Is there something like a "philosophy" and what's the meaning of your band name?

I don't think too much about it now, but the truth is each letter represents one of the band members first names. The "S" means shit. But I think, that it is the efficacy of visual.

How is the situation for you in Japan? Do you have a good chance to play a lot of gigs? Have you done any tours, maybe in foreign countries?

U-m... we play gigs once a month in Tokyo. But I don't think that this is a good thing. 'Cause we are poor yet, and we have not played with famous bands. Of course, we wanna go to tour at overseas, if we have a chance.

Do you have any daily jobs or what are you doing? Do you earn a bit of money with your music?

Ha Ha Ha!!! Of course, we have jobs!!! 'Cause we can't play music. And if we don't do a shit job, we can't live. Fuck jobs!!!

I think, there's a long tradition in Japan for extreme music. There are bands and musicians like Zeni Geva, Merzbow, Boredoms as well as Hardcore Punk bands like S.O.B. or GISM. Is there any kind of relationship between you and those bands?

No...but I like them. If we have a chance, I wanna play with them.

What are your influences in life and music that helps K.N.S.K. to grow?

U-m... I have not thought about this things. I just say, I think that it is vital things that I listen to any kind of music. And I get out from my home, and feel something myself. It's vital things, too.

Here in Germany, Doom is more underground that has become more popular at the end of the 1990's. It looks, as if more people show interest in bands like Saint Vitus, Pentagram/Death Row etc. How is the situation in Japan? Are the people aware of this style of heavy music? Do people like this kind of music? What do you think?

I think Doom music is very underground in Japan yet. And young Japanese people don't know early Black Sabbath. And original members of Black Sabbath had not come to Japan. And I think that most of young Japanese people does not know them. Did you say: "Are the people aware of this kind of Heavy Rock??" Yeah, of course, I understand about it. 'Cause Doom Metal and Sludge is very heavy!!

Today you find a lot of excellent Japanese bands like DF, Eternal Elysium, Millarca, Solar Anus or Church Of Misery. There are a few underground label, which release this kind of music. Do you have any connections to this bands? Is there some kind of mutual respect?

Yes, I gave a member of Church Of Misery our 1st demo tape. And we are good friends with Solar Anus. They are cool. Well, do you know a Japanese band called Greenmachine? Their sound is were very cool and heavy!! You should check this band. I think that you like it. But I regret that they broke up.

Do you think it's possible for you to make a tour with one of these acts in Europe? I think, a alot of people would like to see some of the heavy Japanese bands, because they are as good as bands from the USA or Sweden for example.

I don't know yet. But I wanna make a tour with them. Yeah, I wanna try!!

I've already mentioned your website. The internet is a good thing to publish and promote music from the underground, besides printed fanzines. What do you think, and how do you see the future?

I think, the internet is great. People of doing the internet can check some bands and some music without buying the trendy magazine shit. And I think that E-Zines are very important to them. And so I hope, that most people visit E-Zines. And thanks to the E-Zines and fanzines for presenting K.N.S.K.!!

Ok, here's my last question. What are your plans? Can we expect any new releases?

Ok, I do as I talked to you some time ago, we will release the second demo at June or July for the time being. After this, we will start to record for the 1st album in August. Of course, we will play some shows in Japan.

Thanks a lot for that interview and good luck. Hope to hear from you very soon. Stay heavy!

Yeah, thank you Klaus!! I enjoyed this interview. Do your best!! Thanks!!



Demo-Reviews - K.N.S.K (Common Sense) Tape

This is the second demo from K.N.S.K., which contains two new songs, "Common Sense" and "Passage Of Time". The tracks were recorded in June 2000 at The Gateway Studio by Kei Saito and it's a nice and rough production. K.N.S.K. are highly influenced by BLACK SABBATH (what else!), but they have given their music a sicker touch, especially the vocals sound sometimes very strange. But I think, they need to be stronger for the future.

Aside of that, the musical backbone is solid and you find some interesting heavy doom-laden riffs and themes. The band doesn't copy the bigger Japanese Doom/Heavyrock bands and they aren't boring desert copy-cats. Today, that's a fact I know to appreciate! I hope that K.N.S.K. have soon the opportunity to enter a studio, because it would be amazing to listen to their songs with a more powerful production. All in all, this band shows how alive Japans scene is today and if you listen to bands like SLEEP or GREENMACHINE, than you can't go wrong by ordering this tape from: Noriaki Hamaura, 5-5-5-204 Toshima, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0003, JAPAN.