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Interview February 2005 - GREENMACHINE

GREENMACHINE are a musical phenomenon. Less because they are innovators, but what separates them from other bands is the overwhelming explosive energy of their studio recordings. Their albums distinguish a directness and an intensity, which tear off almost the head from the listener. The last 'victim' was my good friend Joerg, who after listening to "The Archives Of Rotten Blues" was completely convinced by the power of GREENMACHINE. Their mixture contains elements from 70's Heavy Rock, Metal, Sludge and Doom, combined in a tasteful way and played on a high technical level. Their albums are produced so brutally , that the listener believes this band plays live in the living room. So, Jörg and I have compiled a couple of questions and had sent them over to Datsu.

When did you get started  and can you name me some influence (whatever it is): music , movies, books, food or whatever ?

DATSU: We started the band in '95.  We used to play hard core punk, so we gathered together in a studio to play heavy hard core like EYEHATEGOD.  That was the beginning. I was influenced by KYUSS, BLACK SABBATH, MOTORHEAD, and DISCHARGE.  You might not feel that from listening to our music, but my favorite movie directors are OLIVER STONE, QUENTIN TARANTINO, and RUSS MEYER. To speak about movies , I like something which appeals to my soul and vision, such as "Es" and "I".

How did you record the album The Archives of Rotten Blues or better asking: how did you get  this brutal sound on CD ?

D: We just played as hard as possible and recorded it.  Atsuo, the drummer of Boris, supervised mastering this album.

Where did you record it?

D:We recorded it in a city called Nagoya, 300km south from our town.  The studio's name is ZEN.  The owner/recording engineer is Okazaki from ETERNAL ELYSIUM.

For my taste, "Earh Beater" has a less brutal sound than your debut "D.A.M.N.". What's the reason for it?

D: Because we wanted to create a thick rock feeling.  I thought it would make us feel the heaviness.  I think we were successful in creating that sound.

Some years ago Frank Kozik's Man's Ruin label (R.I.P.) had re-released your debut album. How did you get together with Kozik and who was responsible for the tasteful bloody cover artwork?

D: Originally, I was a fan of his poster art and his label.  After we released "D.A.M.N." in Japan, I sent him a copy, and right after that, I received an offer from him by FAX, to release it worldwide.  I was so happy about that as his fan. We entrusted him with the artwork and it came out as you know it.  He said it fits to our sound.

I read about it and a friend told me too , so my question is, is it true that a lot of live venues  in Japan are Yakuza-controlled? And, if that's true, how did you handle it ?

D: No, there are some venues, but not many.  At least we don't play at that kind of venues and will not do in the future, too.

Are there more male or female persons on your gigs?

D: Sadly, an overwhelming majority is male, hahaha.

How much gig's do you play during a year?

We play 15 to 20 gigs.

What are you doing, when you not pulverizing your environment with GREENMACHiNE?

D: We all have regular  jobs. In the night time, I watch movies and tune my car.

When will you come over to destroy Germany?

D: I am sorry to say, but we don't have any plans to come over to Germany.  We have been offered a U.S. tour, so if we play outside of Japan we will go to there first.

Thanks for everything!!!

D: Thank you too!

(KK / JH)