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DOT(.) (Raw Heavy Green) Tape

In the finest dope-smokin' tradition of SLEEP and ELECTRIC WIZARD comes the Japanese trio along with one 25 minutes long track, which's called "Bong In Hands". The demo was recorded live in the studio in July 2000 and it's a good production, but the sick vocal parts are very quiet. But maybe that's the way it was intended to do. There is really not much singing in the song and the vocal-style changes from growls to shrieks, comparable with bands like EHG.The guitar plays slow powerful riffs, while the rythm-section keeps this monster-song together. Ucchy(g/v) plays a fine style, strongly influenced from Dave Chandler and Tony Iommi. Although "Bong In Hands" is 25 minutes long, the band knows when to change the tempo and the riffs and so it don't becomes boring. I hope they come up with more songs in the future, maybe a record release on a small label. Meanwhile you can order this demonstration tape from the band.With DOT(.), Japan proves again that this country is a good territory for heavy music. Smoke a joint and vist the DOT(.) website for more informations at http://www.h3.dion.ne.jp/~dot.rhg/