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"Kick ass rock 'n' roll" - meanwhile this description has been overused for boring and mediocre bands, who have nothing more to offer than average rock songs without any hooklines. However there are bands like Kentucky's THE GLASSPACK, who really write good songs and unleash a bulk of energy especially on stage as they demonstrated it again at this years Roadburn Festival. Their wild anduntamed blend consisting of 60's blues rock, 70's hardrock and good old rock 'n' roll is simply magic and particularly the sound from "Dirty" Dave's Fender Telecaster add a unmistakable note to the band's heavy sound. Shortly after their return from Europe Gideon Smith did this interview with Dave and asked him about his impressions, old movies, George Romero and more.


Dirty, what's up man, how was your recent visit to Europe and how did the Roadburn fest go?

Dirtbag: The trip to Europe was very adventurous and enlightening. Roadburn was amazing and we were treated like artists not bums like they like to treat less than commercial musicians in America. But I guess that's what we get for not dressing as fashionable as My Chemical Romance? Or starving ourselves to look like some heroin addicts and sucking the chrome off the man's trailer hitch? Times are a changing in the Glasspack, we are louder and more uncool than ever! Roadburn RULED!

How do you feel about European audiences compared to Americans as music fans at shows?

Dirtwhore: They are way less jaded and don't seem to mind being fans. They love being fans. In Europe , what I experienced is a certain indescribable excitement in everyone that wants to hear rock n roll, especially at the Roadburn Festival, which was filled with people from allover so I got a small dose of everyone! I saw several people wearing Glasspack t-shirts! Regardless of age, color, or whatever, everyone is excited to hear and talk rock n roll in Europe .

What's the news on THE GLASSPACK and plans for the summer and next year?

DirtDirt: Plans this summer include me relaxing for some time and taking a break from the Glasspack! I am. I will. I swear. I am not a machine! We will be working on interviews, compilations, and what not. Just not a lot of touring. How can we with the gas prices, rock n roll politics, and the silly metal revival? We are working with some of our friends at a local label called Noise Pollution Records for a one-off release, most likely a 7" vinyl record. We have still never made a 7" and we want to work with the homies a bit.  We also have a song on a compilation for Poison Tree Records' Road To Nowhere 2 which will also feature stuff by Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet), Chuck Dukowski's Band (Black Flag), Fatso Jetson, and others. We may do some regional gigs in the fall this year. Next year, I will write another full-length record, and that's all I can say about that.

What are some of your favorite records and movies lately?

I like Graveyard, the new TeePee Records band from Sweden. Their first record is so amazing it brings tears to my eyes. One day, I hope these guys will ask me to do their cover art for one of their records. They were just as good live. They've got real raw talent and wonderful vocals. Also, I was turned onto my buddy Raphael's band, Black Cobra. They stayed at my house and I saw them play. I listened to their cd and I believe they are better than any 2-man band out there!

As for movies, I want to see Indiana Jones, I am a big fan. I just watched the old war movie, "Bridge at Ramagen" because I visited this place on my trip to Roadburn in Germany . I had to pay gratitude to all the soldiers that gave it up to take Hitler down. Much respect to soldiers, much respect. I also watched George Romero's movie, "Diary of the Dead". It was cool, but I had hoped for better. Again, Romero is the best, much respect. I haven't been getting too excited about any movies lately, but I hope people will keep trying to make quality horror flicks like Rob Zombie is doing.

What inspires you to write songs for the band?

Dirtydog: That's one I don't answer often. But for you, ok. What mostly inspires me are the bad things that have or happen in my life usually related to normal rock n roll things like whiskey and women, basically the same things that inspired John Lee Hooker! I can really say no more than that except a few songs about horror movies. Our music is very weird in the way that it isextremely negative but has a very positive affect on the listeners in a stress-relieving-kind-of-way. I still don't understand what I am doing but I have fun doing it. And of course when things go well in my personal, life, I am less inspired musically. Hope that answers the question!

Dave, looking back from the beginning until the present day, what are some of your favorite stand outs in the history of THE GLASSPACK?

Dave: I have grown older and when I started the band I was only 24. I have many many many memories and especially fond ones of fans, friends, and family. The things that stand out most to me are probably not even rock n roll related. It sounds weird but the things I remember most are walking down the coastline in Northern California or seeing Dachau concentration camp in Germany. The things that stand out most to me are the things that the band has enabled me to see. To me, there's not much to remember in a schlew of dark bars, live shows, and drunkenness.

Last words/anything you'd like to say to the Pack fans?

Dirt: Yes, I love you all. It gives me the greatest happiness to know that just one of my silly little songs can take you somewhere far away from here.

(Gideon Smith)