January 2008 - LOST BREED

Unlike the other Doom Metal bands on Hellhound Record, LOST BREED was more a classic Hardrock band, although their sound very often blurred the line between Motörhead-driven Heavy Rock and the mighty heaviness of Black Sabbath. Especially their first record 'The Evil In You And Me', released in 1993, received a lot of good reviews from the press worldwide. After the band's second release 'Save Yourself' in 1994 nothing more happened, and a lot of people wondered what was going on with LOST BREED. A few years later the group split-up and the ex-members did form the VENGEANCE BROTHERS. The rest is history. Last year the new label Helltown Records did release a disc, entitled 'Wino Daze' which contains both albums of the VENGEANCE BROTHERS as well as demo recordings from the period, when Scott 'Wino' Weinrich was a short time member of LOST BREED. All this and more was reason enough to get in contact with Helltown Records. I did sent over a few questions to Jamie, the former drummer of LOST BREED, but instead lead guitarist Eric 'Ike' Baestlein answered my questions. Well, that can happen but at least I'm glad that someone answered my questions at all....


Hello Jamie! I guess, that most of the readers don't know much about the early days of LOST BREED. So please, give us a brief introduction into the band's history.
Yeah, this is Ike, this isn't Jamie. I'm the guitarist for Lost Breed, Cardiac Noose, The Vengeance Brothers, The Blackjack Blades and one of the proprietors of Helltown. The Record company that put out this Lost Breed 'Wino Daze' album, that's hopefully gonna be in your hands soon. We started Lost Breed in '87 Myself, John Rapp, Rippers the drummer of Cardiac Noose, Vinny Augustine moved to LA  and later Jamie joined on drums when Johnny moved back to NY.   
How did you get together with Hellhound Records?

We did 2 albums for Hellhound Records out of Germany. I think we got on the label because Wino was on the label and he was good friends with us and by then an ex-member of the Breed.

What do you think about the label today? Can you say, that they have done enough promotion and support for LOST BREED?
I think they were a cool label. They got our name out there. We were supposed to tour Europe but that never happened they folded. Their distribution was good.
I was really surprised, when I read in the press info, that the band had gone through six different vocalists. Why have there been so much problems to find a proper singer?
Like good psychedelic war lords our singers disappear in smoke never to be seen again. I think that Gary Tocco and Wino were great, they were the best two. Wino was a big inspiration in myself singing. He got me started, the last Lost Breed gig he came back and played with us. And I sang one song, that was the first time I sang live. Wino encouraged me to be the vocals for the Breed.

When did you met Wino and was he a fan of LOST BREED?

I met Wino in about '88. He came to see us play at this park in LA.  And I guess he was impressed enough, so we hooked up. We had some good times Man he was a great guy.  A lot of heart and soul in that dude and he has a musical history that speaks for itself; Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Probot. He's a kick ass guitar player and a great singer and I'd love to work with him again with Helltown Records here in NY. 
Have you only recorded this five tracks together with him or is there more unreleased material?

There's one more track that we haven't released. 'Iron Horse, Born to lose', its a Motorhead cover with Wino on vocals and we maybe putting that out on a vinyl 45 the b side would be Fire Water, a Lost Breed song written by Gary Tacco and the band. It will be song by the BEAST here at Helltown Records.

The first album of LOST BREED has been released in 1993. Have there been plans to record it with Wino and when did Pat Lydon joined the band?
There was never plans for Wino to be on the album he was out of the band by then. Pat Lydon was singing with us, so he was the man for the job.  

How many shows have you played with Wino?
We played about, I don't know, 7 or 8 shows with Wino.  He was in the band for about  9 months. We played most of our gigs, I think all of them at the Troubadour in Hollywood, it was a great time for music in LA any thing could of happened.  You felt like the world was yours, tomorrow you could be the next big thing. Anything was possible, it was happening all around you. It was fun.  We played some big shows in Hollywood and went over really well, but ultimately the  records labels weren't interested, they were just into glam and they'd rather sign, fuckin Pretty Boy Floyd than Lost Breed. It was a joke.

For my taste, the first album 'The Evil In You And Me' was always better than the second one 'Save Yourself'. The debut contains much stronger songs, and the production is more powerful. What do you think about both releases after more than ten years?
I like the records, they were pretty good. I like the 'Wino Daze' a lot better and I like the Vengeance Brothers better. That's just my opion, its out there for anyone who wants to dig it. 'Evil in You and Me', yeah, maybe it was better than 'Save Yourself'. Its up for you to decide.  

Have you ever thought about re-releasing both Hellhound albums?
Why did you change the name from LOST BREED to VENGEANCE BROTHERS? I ask for it, because both bands have had a similar sound.
We changed the name from Lost Breed to the Vengeance Brothers after Pat Lydon departed. We probably should have kept the name.
All the material of the VENGEANCE BROTHERS have been privately released. Have you never been interested in contacting a label or what was the reason for it?
It took a while but I'm proud to say it is now available on Helltown fuckin Records. This labels got a lot of heart. We're only putting out stuff we love. It's all about the music here.
What do you think about the illegal bootlegs from Doom/Peace Records? Have you ever thought to sue Marshal Levy for it?
I don't have any animosity toward Marshal or Doom/Peace Records.
He's a tape trader dude and that's cool with me. He kept the name out there. He inspired me to start my own label because guys like him have an interest in my music, it gave me the inspiration to start Helltown.

It's been five years ago, since the VENGEANCE BROTHERS split-up. Do you miss that time, and are you interested in forming a new band?
I'm in two bands right now, CARDIAC NOOSE, and BLACKJACK BLADES both will be releasing albums on Helltown Records. Go buy them, check them out. You wont be disappointed. They're gonna kick ass.

I like to thank you for your answers! Is there anything you would like to add?
Just like to say thanks for your interest. Keep it heavy. Keep fuckin rockin till the day you die. Helltown Records rules!