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December 2006 - DIXIE WITCH

DIXIE WITCH is a rocking texas trio, known for their awesome live shows and powerful performances. Their new album is out now on Smallstone Records. Check out this interview with the band concering their hard rock bluesy music.


Hey man, thanks for the interview and taking the time to do this. I know you've just recorded your third release, the new cd 'Smoke and Mirrors' in Brooklyn New York with Joel Hamilton. How did the sessions go and how do you feel about the new release? What was it like recording in New York as compared to being from Texas?

The sessions were the most comfortable we've ever had in the studio. Actually it was the most positive and productive studio experience i've ever had. Joel really knew how to capture our sound and get the best performances out of each of us. He also had alot of great ideas for tones and such. It was nice to get away from home and be totally immersed in the record without any bullshit distractions from being at home like work or something. We actually finished early and got to hang out for awhile and enjoy NYC. I'd say we'll probably do the next one there again.

You're also planning on a split with The Brought Low sometime in the coming summer on Arclight Records. Is that a split cd? What kind of ideas do you have planned for it and what can you tell us about it?

Yes it'll be a split cd, 4 originals from each band. The 4 songs we're planning on using all sound really unique and i cant wait to hear what Brought Low has done. There one of our favorite bands so its a real pleasure to share a split with them.

MTV recently used one of your songs on their program "Vive La Bam". Thats pretty cool, did you get to see the episode?

No, I havent seen any of the episodes with our songs on them yet. Don't have cable ya know.

In the history of the band, you are known for touring relentlessly, and many who have seen the band's live show provide testimony to your live power. Do you feel the studio sessions have captured the live quality?

Its by far the closest we've ever come to capturing the live sound. I don't know how much closer we could get really without just releasing a live album. Which we hope to do someday.

Being a powerful trio, were you guys inspired by famous trios of musical history in rock from back in the day? Or did you just happen to form that way with no concieved plan?

Probably a little of both. We were definitely inspired by the those trios but alot of our sound developed from just playing together. We didnt really sit down and discuss how we wanted to sound or who we wanted to sound like. In fact in the beginning we wanted to have an organ player too but we just couldnt find the right person so we stayed a 3 piece.

Travelling so much and touring so much, do you feel like it helps the band's songwriting and when you write songs do you usually write together in a room or apart and then bring in songs later?

Definitely the longer we've been together the easier it has been to write better music I think. Usually either me or Curt will have an idea on guitar and then we'll all flesh out the song together in the jam room. Vocals usually come last and we'll arrange the parts around them.

Any live European tour dates coming up?

Hopefully this fall - fingers crossed!

You guys were really acclaimed for your Skynyrd cover a few years ago, do you have a new cover up your sleeve for any tributes on the way soon?

We recorded Montrose "Rock Candy" while we were recording "Smoke and Mirrors". It'll be on the Sucking the 70's volume 2 from Small Stone.

In your own home life, away from tours and band schedules, what do you like to listen to on your own personal time?

Well we all have a pretty diverse tastes in music. Lately i've been digging through my old metal and thrash tapes. Been freaking out again on Cactus this last week and listening to alot of the Texas country singer/songwriter scene - Jimmie Dale Gilmore, James McMurtry, Townes Van Zandt, etc and the oldies/Motown station on satellite radio at work.

.....last words or thoughts...

Thanks for your time and we'll see all ya'll on the road this year! - Clayton