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February 2005 - RWAKE

It's been two years ago since we did our first interview and once again I'm proud to welcome you for the second time in the Cosmic Lava. Some things have changed, and the most important fact is the release of RWAKE's third album "If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die".


Before we talk about this impressive album I would like to ask you about other changes in the RWAKE camp. One thing I noticed is your relaunched website, designed by Tom Denney from "Doomed Nation".

Tom is our friend, who helps us to make our own site, because we are too lazy for it. The most important change is our new guitarist Kiffin.

It always sounds like a phrase when someone says that the new album is much stronger than the previous one, but it totally fits in your case. You've progressed a lot and the album is a more consistent set. What's your personal opinion about the new release?

I'm very glad about the new production. Finally a CD that sounds good.

Once again,  you've choosen a very poetic and inspiring album title. What's the meaning behind it, or do you want to keep this secret?

I guess it explains on itself.

One song is entitled "Sleep And Forget Forever". To speak for myself, I love to sleep - it's my favourite drug. What about you?


The excellent cover-artwork has been done by Chris Chiera. Is it the same guy, that's been playing guitar in Sofa King Killer?

Why? Do you know him? This shithead still owes me some money.

Have you ever thought about a re-release of your debut album "Xenoglossalgia". I ask for it, because it's six years ago since its first release and nearly impossible to find nowadays.

It's so old and we're sounding very different now. I think, it works as a excellent demo.

CT,  you're also involved in a new band, together with Corey Bings from Fistula and members from other bands. Please, tell us more about it!

When Rwake toured through Cleveland last time, Corey had given me a song. He and Big Metal had been playing this one. I had added some vocals to it and Corey and I had chosen the band name. At least, we added a complete band to it. featuring Reid (Rwake), Big Metal (Soulless), Scott(Madman Hunt), and Minnesota Pete (The Mighty Nimbus), Corey (Fistula), CT (Rwake).

You did a cover-version of "The Sloth" for the Saint Vitus compilation that should've been released by Ravenmoon Records afew years ago, but it seems that this tribute will never see the light of day. What are your latest news about this compilation?

We've been together with Wombat (owner of Ravenmoon Records) last June. He told us that it will be only one disc, instead of two, and that we are the last band on the CD.I wished I knew more. Sorry !

RWAKE will also be featured with a Nazareth song on Small Stone's second "Sucking The 70's" compilation. Can you tell us more about it? Which Nazareth song have you picked out and have you already recorded it?

Eric of ATP has made this clear for us. Other featured bands are Bottom, Alabama Thunderpussy, A Thousand Knives Of Fire, Clutch and a lot more. We're playing "Sold my Soul" from 'Razamanaz'.

Are you interested in politics and what do you think about the result of the election day in the USA?

I follow the politics of the 'Star Wars' films, and this is approximately everything. Chancellor Palpetine got the senate by the balls. I didn't voted. Why has Ace Frehley run?

Apart of music, what are your other interests?

I guess, I love films. Every good visual entertainment. Not only flics like 'Pie', 'Gummo', or 'Dancer in the Dark', but also good action-movies, sci-fi, martial arts etc. Comics, too. I love Marvel shit like the Avengers, X-Men, Ironfist and Powerman. The west coast Avengers and Spider-Man. Love this stuff.

Thanks a lot for your time and good luck for the future!

Thanks for your interest. Hopefully, we will come over next year.