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September 2004 - SOFA KING KILLER

Well, I dig SOFA KING KILLER since their split with Leemilk, but the new album "Midnight Magic" is such a convincing release, that I sometimes can't believe what I hear. This group doesn't care about any stylistic limitations and for those who filed this band next to all Sludge bands, should think about it. One thing is for sure, SOFA KING KILLER rock and they are a southern blues driven machine, that loves to drink one beer or twenty. This world needs to know more about SOFA KING KILLER, especially after the new release, and so it was time to talk with guitarist Chris Chiera. Drinking is holy in itself!


After the split with Leechmilk and the MCD "Lust, Crime And Holiness", "Midnight Magic" is the first full-length and your accomplished material until now. The disc stucks in my player since Chris (Retribute Records) had sent me over the promo copy. How do feel about the debut and have you earned a lot of good critics for it?

I love how our full length came out.  The writing process was very slow and well thought out. We are happy with the way Retribute Recs promoted the album and how everything turned out. Hopefully we earned some good critics, and even if we didn't we don't really care anyways, we just want to rock like any other band.

After Tee Pee Records and At A Loss Recordings, you've signed with Retribute Records. What's the reason for this choice?

We didn't have any time to tour and with Retribute we just had to rock.

You're playing an absolut tasteful and inspiring heavy rockin' combination of Metal, Blues, Southern Rock and Hardcore that one can describe with the word  Sludge, although Sofa King Killer not that typical Sludge band. All in all you R-O-C-K in a very 'boundless' way. Do you feel any stylistic limits for Sofa King Killer?

If we felt that we were limited stylistically then SKK would probably not exist.  We really aren't a stylized band. We are set out to play the loud rock people don't want to hear, and we love doing that.

Apart of the music, I totally dig the production of "Midnight Magic" with its warm and natural sound. How long have you worked on the recordings?

It took about a year or so to mix and produce. We went through some changes within that span of time, but it was definetily worth every penny we put into it.

After reading  the lyrics it seems that Sofa King Killer love to booze. What do you prefer: beer, vine or whiskey?

Brad and Ryan are more whiskey. Paul and I like beer.

Any good advices for a bad hangover?

Hmmm... I wish I could tell you that.

For me, your lyrics are like small reports about the daily life. How important are they for the entire sound?

The lyrics are Ryan's department, and those always come long after the songhas been written.

For my taste, "Midnight Magic"has a heavier emphasis on the 'Blues' rather than the previous releases, what's absolutely ok for me. Can you agree and do you listen to a lot of Delta Blues and/or Southern Rock at home?

I think Midnight Magic has a more emphasis on the Rock when compared to our other releases.  And no one in the band is very familiar with Delta Blues either, I guess that's just how we come off to some people. And for the record, we do like our Skynyrd, and the ZZ Top.

Your website looks like a fanpage of Blue Öyster Cult, and it offers no informations about the band. Is this your special kind of humour or what'sthe reason for it?

We haven't had the time to update the website. As far as the B.O.C. logo, they fucking tear that shit up.

Is there any kind of special story or meaning behind the name Sofa King Killer?


What sort of audiences do you usually attract?

Some old, some young, if they come to see the rock, then that's all I care about.

Please, tell us something about the place where you live! Are there any good clubs or an interesting underground music scene?

We are from the Akron/Kent area in Ohio. There really isn't anything going n here. This would be a good place for a band to cancel a show and keep riving because it sucks here. Don't ever come here, no matter what people ell you.

What can we expect from the Sofa King Killer's in the future?

We might write another album if people beg us.

Thanks a lot! All the best for you and the band! Hope you will release more of your high-quality music in the future! Any last comments?

No, thank you.