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August 2002 - ROADSAW

After I've seen this year the powerful and energetic gig of ROADSAW, there was no doubt about it, that I've to present this guys here. ROADSAW are a heavy and hard hittin Rock band, of course 70's oriented with enough energy to burn down your homeground. Leadsinger Craig answered my questions with more and less words, so don't take it too serious...


Hey, Craig! First off, a few months ago you've finished a European tour with Grand Magus and Orange Goblin. What were your impressions about this tour? Are there any good or bad stories, that you want to tell the readers?

It was awesome to go back to Europe.We always have an absolute blast there.OG and GM kicked fuckin ass.There really aren't any bad stories to tell. All the bands got along great…….We all want to do it again sometime.

I think, that it was the second time that ROADSAW have toured in Europe. Last one was with Raging Slab and Terra Firma? When you compare both tours, which one was more satisfiing for you?

First off, it was the third. The last was with Nebula.The first was with Terra Firma and LeadFoot.This one was by far the best.More people and a lot more drinkin.

What are you doing right now? Are you writing new songs or stuff like this...

Play drums in a band with Hari and Ian called Quitter, and Tim and I are writing songs for a new Roadsaw record. This is what takes up all of my time…………. Oh yeah there's also all the chicks and booze!

Although mostly of the readers are aware about the fact that ROADSAW are no newcomers, please give us a small introduction into the bands history.

We mostly spent the last ten years in a small shoebox in the middle of the road. Licking the road clean with our tongs each day, our father would feed us a dry lump of poison and dance over our graves signing hallelujah.

I never had the opportunity to listen to your first album "$ 1.000.000", that was released on Curve Of The Earth Rec. Did you ever sound like today or have you changed your musical style in the early years?

We actually learned how to play our instruments just last year.

In 2001 you have released your brand-new album "Rawk N Roll". Are you still satisfied with it and have you received good reviews for it?

Yes. It is in fact the best record ever made.

I was a little bit confused about the way "Rawk N Roll" saw the light of day. At first it was released as a limited 2LP-set on the small American label Tortuga and now on the Swedish Lunasound label. What was the reason for it and how did you get in contact with Lunasound?

We put out the LP for fun. Then Stuart from Luna killed our horrible father……….We felt as though we owed him a favor.

One thing, that I really love about the new album is, aside of the songs, the fat and thick sound. Who's responsible for it and long did the whole recording process last? I've read in the booklet, that two different persons have mixed and mastered the album in two different studios.

Why have you chosen two studios?

Sometimes it takes a whole lotta love to bake a cake.

A track like "Blackout Driver" was also released on the "In The Groove" compilation on TMC, back in 1999. Are there any other tracks on the new album, that you have re-recorded and why?

We redid "The Finger".It took a few times to get it right.

What kind of equipment do you use? Are you into old stuff or do you use what you can get ?

Peavey power baby…….Peavey power

Speak about the different label, where you´ve released your albums. Why have you changed the label in the last years so often ? Weren´t you always satisfied with their support and what do you expect from Lunasound?

Every label sucks.They are all out for blood.Luna just happens to be the best there is.

When I compare "Rawk N Roll" with the last two ROADSAW albums, I would say that you've done a step forward in  songwriting. Better hooklines and it sounds like a real album, where one song is based on the next,  if you know what I mean. What do you think about my statement and where do you see the different between "Rawk N Roll"  and, for example, your 1997 release "Nationwide"?

Like I said,we just learned how to play.

It's not easy to get two of your  releases here in Germany, especially your first album "$ 1.000.000" and your 1999 release "Taking Out The Trash" are very hard to find. Is it possible to buy them directly from you and what about a better distribution?

Look up Wonderdrug records online, you find all you need with them.

For me, your new album contains 30 years of  Rock 'n' Roll history. Hendrix, Ted Nugent, Motorhead and Aerosmith are only a few names I like to mention. Can you agree and which bands have you influenced the most?

Level 42

You must have a huge predilection for everything that is about cars and trucks,  I think. Not only the band name, but also the album cover of  "Nationwide", for example. Does anybody of ROADSAW own a muscle-car or a motocycle and has  someone of you maybe worked as a truck-driver or something like that in the past? Are you into the old 60´s/70´s road-movies ?

I drive a 1976 F250 pickup truck, with a 4" lift. It's got a 390 with an aluminum intake header, 4-barrel Holly. It's sittin on B F Goodrich 33's. You give me a call, I'd be happy send you a picture.

This question is connected with the one above. What does the name ROADSAW means? Please, give us a small explanation about it.

We really, really, really do not know?????!!!!!!!

On the backcover of the "Rawk N Roll" CD, there´s a Marshall speaker with a hole in the front. Is it just a gimmick or does your guitarist Ian Ross act like the early Pete Townshend on stage? Please, describe a ROADSAW live performance with a few words.

That is Ian's cab. If I told you why it is ripped, I'd be giving a recording secret away.

At the end of 2001 there were some rumors about Ian, that he would join Nebula but it was wrong. What were the reasons for this rumours and are the guys of Nebula good friends of ROADSAW ?

They are great friends. They just fucked up our program by telling everyone Ian left Roadsaw.

I've mentioned Nebula and so I like to ask you what other bands of the Heavy Rock 'n' Roll genre you like or listen to ? Please, tell us some bands you´ve been played with in 2001 and what were your favourite gigs?

The Hives kick ass.So does Wilco.And of course Scissorfight.

You're a Boston-based band. Are there any other heavy rockin' bands you would recommend to the readers and do you know the legendary Taang label ?

Taang sucks an ass. They aren't in Boston, I don'r even know if they are still around.

What are the guys of ROADSAW doing  when you don´t rehearse, record or play live. Have you any other interests aside of your music and if so, please tell us what ?

We sit and stare at a wall until Luna calls us out for a tour.

Thanks a lot for your answers, Craig. Hope we see us again on the next European ROADSAW tour. At least, any last words you like to add?

A bunch of these answers are wacky. The truth is; Roadsaw loves to play rock music more than life it's self. We can't wait to get back to Europe. Our very exsistance is based on playin out live for everone that comes to see us.   Rock the Fuck ON!!!!!!!