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If you have read both reviews in this online zine you know a little bit more about the metallic up-tempo Heavy Rock 'n' Roll of PLUTONIUM ORANGE. Their songs are fueled with power, energy and killer hooks, not to forget the brilliant technical skills of this Finnish four-piece. It was reason enough for me to present PLUTONIUM ORANGE and I hope that these guys will come up with a debut album in the future. So, check out the facts about PO and be prepared for the things to come.


Hello to PLUTONIUM ORANGE. It must be pretty cold now in Finland. Where do you live and how' the weather right now? Tons of snow, I think?

We all live in Jyväskylä, in the middle of Finland, and yes it's been "quite" cold the last couple of weeks (about 30 degrees below zero). Even the tougher ones start to freeze...

Tell us a little bit about the history of PLUTONIUM ORANGE. You know, the usual stuff like when did you start, who's in the line-up etc. 

Juhu & Samuli had the idea of this band for a few months and started to search for bassplayer & drummer. First was found Antti (from a local bar) and one possible drummer was tried out. Pasi had heard that a band was about to form and since he knew Juha already, he contacted him. And there it was; Plutonium Orange played its first rehearsal with the final line-up in spring 2000.

Where did you rehearse, how often and is it easy to find rehearsel rooms in Finland ? Do you have to pay for it?

We rehearse in the basement of one of the most famous Rock-Clubs in Finland, Lutakko. It's quite hard to find rehearsal places in Jyväskylä, 'cause there's so many bands and so little suitable spaces. We pay a small rent for the dump.

Let's talk about your first thunderous demo/promo "Fruit Of The Doom" ? To be honest, I really love it ! It sounds very professional, so where have you recorded it and how long did the sessions took. Have you recorded all four tracks in one take ? 

The demo was recorded in september 2000 in WaterCastle studios, Jyväskylä.All in all, it took us three days to complete the whole demo. The recording itself was quite basic thing; first drums, then bass and after that came guitars, guitarsolos, and vocals.

What kind of responses do you have received for it? 

The response has been just amazingly extremely fucking positive! Can't think of any negative words to be said by anyone.

Is there a main songwriter in the band or is everyone's idea welcome for a good song? 

Usually Juha comes up with a riff, from which we start to arrange a song. Everyones ideas are very welcome and they often bring those small "hooks" to PO's songs. Since we all have very different tastes in music, the mentioned "hooks" can remind the listener from many genres/styles. Sometimes just jamming is a good way to start creating a new tune.

How old are the songs from "Fruit Of The Doom" and can you give the reader a short explanation what they are about ? Are lyrics important for the sound of PO ?

The songs on "Fruit of the Doom" -demo are about two years old. "Into the Ground" is about speed and heavy foot on gaspedal."Use Me" is about cruel women, "Lameplanet" is about people who expand their mind with chemicals, when Earth gets too boring for them and "Bad Warp" is about the music  industry, which is like a bad warp. Lyrics are not very essential for PO, you just got to have lyrics in a song. Eventually you might find some "deeper" thoughts in them.

After your first release, you were coming up with the second brilliant demo/promo "Volume". Your first was very good, but "Volume" is a killer due to the fact that there´s a bigger variety in the songs and there are more unforgetable hooks. The opener "Bring Out Your Dead" won´t leave my head for weeks !!! The production sounds again very professional. Have you recorded it in the same studio like the forerunner ?

Yes indeed, Volume was also recorded in WaterCastle. Arttu, who records & mixes our songs, is a very professional dude with the latest equipment and a long history in music (worked also with Sunride, Zerocharisma etc.). We are quite satisfied with the result considering the short time spent in the studio.

There no really boring track on "Volume", but for me as a huge fan of slow and heavy stuff I like the song "Fruit Of The Doom" very much. Aside of the ass-kicking stuff, have you written more stuff in the slow and heavy vein ? 

You never know... If that kind of riffs turn out, sub-zero weather keeps up, and certain things still keep pissing off..

For me, your music is also melancholic and more on the darker side of the heart. I think a lot of your lyrics are about unrequested love. Do you agree and which inspirations do you use for this typical PO sound?

As mentioned before, the lyrics are not very important. It's more natural for us to sing about abstract issues, than about having good time,or enjoying life. We are inspired by everything around us, just like everyone

After the release of your second demo/promo, have you received any positive resonance from labels ? Today there are so a lot of small and good underground labels, so I think it must be possible for you to get a contract about one or two albums.

We are still waiting for feedback from "Volume" -promo, 'cause they've just been sent to labels few weeks ago. Couple of labels have been very interested in PO due to the first demo.

How much new songs have you written until now and have you played a lot of gigs since the early PO days? I think a PO show must be full of sweat and passion. Am I right?

Including the 9 songs of FotD+VOL, we have material enough for atleast two Albums. New tunes just keep coming together frequently.Our first gig was in dec. 2000. After that we've played about 15-20 gigs around Finland. Last two of them were with Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus (who were just touring with HIM & The Mission in Germany), both were sold out. We also did some summerfestivals. Our gigs are always like riding a bullet indeed. Lot's of fun on stage as well as in the audience. We don't hold back!!

Another fact that I know to appreciate is, that you aren´t sounding like all this boring and wimpy "stoner" bands. I would say, that you were much more influenced by high-energy R'n'R bands and there´s a slight sleaze influence, comparable like the early faster Aerosmith tunes, but to make it clear PO sounds fresh, modern and heavy, not retro. And not to forget the Metal-edge in your songs, especially your singer seems to be influenced from this music. What do you think about my description and can you agree? 

That's because we don't see Plutonium Orange as a "stoner" - band. We think our approach in songwriting is more "metal". But if someone wants to categorize our music, it's fine by us.

When I listen, how tight you´re playing and the well composed songs I can´t believe that you a still an underground act. How long does everybody of the band is playing his instruments and have you been in any other bands before? What´s the musical background of every PO-member?

Samuli (gtr. vox.) has been playing in different rockbands for about 14 years. He likes music from Blackfoot to System of a Down. Antti (bass) has been playing since early 90's in bands like Godfall f.ex. Likes Jamiroquai, Muse, Orgy, Turbonegro etc.Pasi (drums) is the metaldude in PO. He's been playing for about 12 years. He likes Entombed, Death, Meshuggah and many industrial/weird bands. Juha (gtr. b.vox.) has been playing for 16 years. Digs Rush, Iron Maiden, Type O Negative. Our tastes in music differ from each other very much,which propably brings the unique touch in PO's music.

Are you in contact with other Finnish underground bands like Sunride, Reverend Bizarre or Minotauri ?

Well, to begin with, we share our rehearsal place with Sunride and couple other bands. Also Sunride's Wille is Antti's roommate... Pasi has played in Morningstar (Minotauri mainman Ari's other band) for 7 years. As you can see, the circles are quite small in here. We know Reverend Bizarre (Pasi saw them live a month ago), but aren't in any contact with them

What are you looking for in 2002 ? Any goals you want reach in the next year with PO ? 

Writing new songs, maybe signing a record contract. Playing more killer gigs...

Thank you very much for this interview and I hope you don´t freeze to much in the arctic Finnish winter. Take care of your balls and fingers...Maybe any last words for the readers...?

Have an open mind... and take a bite off the Fruit of the Doom...

All photos were taken by Tommi Anttonen: (anttonen.tommi[at]kolumbus.fi)