It's a short insight in the past and present of Japanese Doom/Heavyrock. There are more interesting bands, beside the well-known CHURCH OF MISERY or ETERNAL ELYSIUM. Bands like REIGN, BORIS, GREENMACHINE,  K.N.S.K., Df, DOT(.), NINGEN-ISU or SOLAR ANUS etc. are as great as their international heavy comrades, and have released outstanding demos or albums.

I introduce two of my favorite bands from the early 70's, BLUES CREATION and FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND. The current musical period will be represented with more unknown outfits like Df, DOT (.), K.N.S.K., REIGN etc.. There are more good bands to discover, and may you will not find the one you looking for, but this section will grow larger in the future.

Thanks to Kaoru Takizawa!!!


Overview of newest entries



GREENMACHINE are a musical phenomenon. Less because they are innovators, but what separates them from other bands is the overwhelming explosive energy of their studio recordings...



I discovered GALLHAMMER some months ago, and after listening to their demos I was crushed by their primitive and raw energy. These women don't need no downtuned uber-heavy riffs to give the listener the creeps, and they have nothing in common with the sludge or doom genre, although they are creating an atmosphere that is doomier than from most of the self-titled doom bands...



Back in 1997 KING GOBLIN were formed as a two-piece, later joined by a second guitarist but still without a bassplayer. While the first brutal musical steps were strongly influenced by grind and death bands like Brutal Truth or Carcass f...



Readers who are interested in extreme music are aware of the fact, that Japan is one of the main spots on this earth where a lot of unique sonic creations were born. No matter if it's harsh noise, avantgarde music, industrial hardcore or heavy doom sludge - in Japan you can find it all, played in its most inspiring and bizarre form...



Df's debut is from 1998, but not everyone knows the music from Df, so time doesn't count. Df is not a "real" band, it's a "one-man" thing" and the man behind Df is Naofumi Tanabe...

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